Ranu Mandal’s Bridal Avatar Leaves People Speechless: Fans say can’t bear it anymore!

A video of Ranu Mandal is going viral, in which she is seen singing a song in a unique style in bridal attire, which is attracting everyone's attention. And people are reacting as if they can't tolerate Ranu anymore.

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Ranu Mandal, who needs no introduction today. Still, many people who do not know yet, let us tell them that Ranu Mandal became quite famous after one of her singing videos went viral.

But now she is once again making headlines because of one of her videos. Some time ago, Ranu Mandal had gone missing, due to which her fans started forgetting her. But now, a new song of his is going viral, and this time the reaction is a little different.

This song is quite different from Ranu Mandal’s earlier songs. Her simple style is missing in this, and she is seen adorned with heavy make-up and jewellery. This change has not gone down well with his fans, and they are furious at him.

Some people are accusing Ranu Mandal that she has changed her real appearance for the sake of fame. They are saying that she is no longer the same as before, and her voice is also not as sweet as before. Some people are also saying that even after Ranu Mandal got a chance to sing, she could not improve her singing.

However, some people are also supporting Ranu Mandal. They are saying that everyone has the right to change, and Ranu Mondal is also free to live her life like any other person. They are also saying that we should judge Ranu Mondal for her singing and not for her clothes or makeup.

It is too early to say what this new song of Ranu Mandal means for her career. This is definitely disappointing his fans, but it is also possible that it may give him a new look and identity. Only time will tell whether this new avatar of Ranu Mandal will be beneficial for her career or not.

Ranu Mandal’s new avatar: Singing melodious songs wearing a red saree!

A new video of Ranu Mandal is going viral on the internet, in which she is seen wearing a bright red saree. Her heavy look with mukut, gajra, bandana, bunda, garland, bangles, hath phool and girdle looks very attractive.

In the video, she is singing in an unknown language, but the sweetness of her voice is mesmerizing everyone. But at the same time people are also criticizing her for her make-up and dress.

Now many different types of interesting comments are coming on this video of Ranu. An Instagram user Digesh writes, “Hey, she came like a storm and went like a storm, now there is nothing to happen with her” Another user writes, “Whenever I feel sad, I watch Ranu’s videos.

Why did Ranu make a video wearing such a dress and so much make-up?

Why did Ranu put so much makeup on in her new video wearing such a bright red saree? I feel that not only Ranu, but also other Instagram influencers and YouTubers like Ranu are ready to do anything to get a little popularity these days.

It may also be their compulsion to do so, perhaps this could be a source of income for them to run their household. There is nothing wrong in this, keeping your fans happy by any means and being active among them is the true identity of an influencer.

So Ranu ji, just keep going. It will be interesting to see what new you come up with next. Apart from this, if you have any thoughts on Ranu’s video, please comment.

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