PM Modi penned a letter to the nation “My Dear Family”

Prime Minister Modi's letter to the nation sparks debate: Genuine reflection or strategic election propaganda? Join the conversation on governance and leadership.

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Announcement of the dates for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections will be made at three o’clock today. The Election Commission will declare it in a press conference. Additionally, the dates for the assembly elections will also be announced.

Meanwhile, PM Narendra Modi has released a message to the nation through a letter one day before the announcement of the election dates, on Friday.

Also modi has shared a promo video named “Modi Ka Parivaar”.

Decade of Progress: PM Modi’s Letter to the Nation

My Dear Family, as we close in on completing a decade together, PM Narendra Modi writes, ‘Our journey has reached an important milestone.

I am confident that your steadfast support will continue to inspire us. We are committed to nation building, this is Modi’s assurance. He further says, ‘I am constantly inspired and encouraged by the support and trust of 1.4 billion Indians.

The most significant achievement of our government has been its transformative impact on people’s lives. The concrete results of our sincere efforts under the leadership of a steadfast government are reflected in the improved quality of life of the poor, youth, farmers and women.

Prime Minister says, ‘Thanks to your trust, we have seen successful implementation of various schemes like ‘Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana’ which provides concrete houses, ‘Ayushman Bharat’ free medical treatment, access to electricity for all. , provides financial assistance to farmers. , access to water and LPG, and support for women through ‘Matri Vandana Yojana’.

Moving Forward with Tradition and Modernity,

In his letter, he mentioned that your trust gives me the courage to make bold decisions for the country’s welfare and implement them effectively. He also said that our country is progressing with both tradition and modernity.

Today, every citizen takes pride in our rich culture while moving ahead. He mentioned that in the last decade, there’s been unprecedented progress in building the foundation for the next generation.

Meanwhile, there’s also been a transformation of our national and cultural heritage. Democracy thrives on public participation.

Making Big Changes with Your Trust

The Prime Minister also wrote that your trust has led to significant decisions like removing Article 370, implementing GST, inaugurating the Parliament building, introducing a new law on triple talaq, and increasing women’s participation in Parliament through laws like Women’s Power Worship. Many historic decisions have been made due to your trust.

I’ll Be Waiting for You

PM Modi said that as we work towards building a developed India, I need your thoughts, suggestions, and support. I’ll be waiting for you. Together, we’ll elevate our country to new heights. I believe in this.

Is Prime Minister Modi’s letter an election campaign?

As soon as Prime Minister Modi’s letter to the nation came out just before the elections, many people raised questions on its timing and intentions. While some see it as a genuine reflection on the government’s achievements and vision, others see it as strategic election campaigning aimed at influencing public opinion.

Critics argue that the letter simply highlights the government’s successes, sidelining controversial issues or unfulfilled promises, presenting a rosy picture to voters. He accused the Prime Minister of using the platform to strengthen his party’s image and garner support ahead of the elections.

However, supporters call the letter a sincere attempt to connect with citizens and demonstrate the government’s dedication to progress. They claim that it is a legitimate means of communication, providing transparency and accountability to voters.

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