Welcome to Dumdaar Khabar, your source for reliable and credible news in both English and Hindi. We understand the importance of accurate information in shaping opinions and fostering a well-informed society.

Our commitment to journalistic integrity is reflected in our fact-checking policy, a vital aspect of our editorial process that ensures the accuracy and reliability of the news we deliver to our readers.

The Importance of Fact-Checking:

In an era of information abundance, the role of fact-checking is more crucial than ever. Misinformation, whether intentional or unintentional, can have significant consequences, affecting public perception and decision-making.

At Dumdaar Khabar, we recognize our responsibility to provide our readers with verified and truthful information, and our fact-checking policy is designed to uphold this commitment.

Our Fact-Checking Process:

Initial Verification:
Before any news story is published, our journalists undergo a thorough verification process. This includes cross-referencing information from multiple reliable sources to establish the accuracy of the facts presented in the article.

Primary Source Analysis:
We prioritize primary sources whenever possible. Direct quotes, official statements, and documents are preferred, allowing us to present information in its most authentic form. If primary sources are not available, we rely on reputable secondary sources and verify the information through additional means.

Expert Consultation:
In cases where specialized knowledge is required, our journalists consult experts in the relevant field to ensure the accuracy and context of the information. This is particularly important for complex topics such as science, technology, and legal matters.

We cross-verify information using multiple reputable sources to eliminate the risk of relying on biased or unreliable outlets. Consistency across various sources adds another layer of assurance to the accuracy of the news we present.

Timestamp Verification:
Timeliness is essential in news reporting. Our fact-checking process includes verifying the timestamps of events to ensure that the information aligns with the chronological order of occurrences.

Handling Corrections and Retractions:

Despite our best efforts, we acknowledge that errors may occasionally occur. When errors are identified or if new information comes to light that contradicts our original reporting, we are committed to promptly correcting the record. Corrections will be prominently displayed in the article, indicating the nature of the error and the corrected information.

In cases where a correction significantly impacts the overall understanding of the news story, we will issue a retraction. Retractions will be accompanied by an explanation of the error, an apology to our readers, and a transparent account of the steps taken to prevent similar errors in the future.

Transparency in Reporting:

Dumdaar Khabar is committed to transparency in our reporting practices. We believe in keeping our readers informed not only about the news but also about our editorial processes. If, during the fact-checking process, certain details cannot be verified or are in dispute, we make this clear in our reporting, providing a transparent view of the information available.

Reader Engagement and Feedback:

We value the vigilance of our readers in holding us accountable. If you come across information on Dumdaar Khabar that you believe to be inaccurate or misleading, we encourage you to reach out to us. Your feedback is invaluable in maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and credibility.

To report an error or provide feedback, please contact our editorial team at factcheck@dumdaarkhabar.com. We appreciate your assistance in ensuring the accuracy of the information we provide.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement:

Dumdaar Khabar is committed to continuous improvement in our fact-checking processes. We regularly review and update our guidelines, incorporating feedback, industry best practices, and advancements in media standards. Our goal is to evolve alongside the dynamic nature of news reporting and uphold the trust our readers place in us.

Thank you for choosing Dumdaar Khabar as your trusted source for news in English and Hindi. We are dedicated to delivering news with accuracy, transparency, and a commitment to the highest standards of journalistic integrity.