Dr. Madan Kumar

Dr. Madan Kumar is a highly experienced dermatologist and cosmetologist with over 13 years of practice. Holding degrees in MBBS and DDVL, he specializes in skin and hair care, offering expert advice on dermatological treatments and cosmetic procedures.

Driven by a passion for promoting healthy living, he frequently writes about topics such as nutrition, superfoods, and dermatological advancements. Through his insightful articles, Dr. Madan Kumar aims to educate and empower individuals to achieve optimal skin and hair health.
Dermatologist & Hair Transplant Surgeon at Vtiara Clinic
5 Articles

Pig Kidney Transplant: A Medical Breakthrough with Ethical Questions

The successful transplantation of a genetically modified pig kidney into a living…

Dr. Madan Kumar Dr. Madan Kumar

Turmeric Milk Benefits for Skin: The Golden Milk for Nourished and Beautiful Skin

For glowing and healthy skin, we often look for different skin care…

Dr. Madan Kumar Dr. Madan Kumar

Kidney Health: 10 Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Our kidneys work tirelessly behind the scenes, filtering waste and toxins from…

Dr. Madan Kumar Dr. Madan Kumar

Ginger: 11 Proven Ways This Root Boosts Your Well-Being

Ginger, a flavorful and aromatic root, has been revered for centuries across…

Dr. Madan Kumar Dr. Madan Kumar

Benefits of Eating Almonds Every Morning: The Nutritional Powerhouse

In the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, one simple yet immensely powerful…

Dr. Madan Kumar Dr. Madan Kumar